Investor Relations

eMIS Deutschland GmbH wants to help municipal councils, bus companies and other bus fleet operators to make intelligent use of the buses’ long idle periods, and use electric buses as temporary energy storage facilities. During these periods, electric buses can store electricity generated renewably in their batteries and, when required, feed it into the electricity grid. For this reason, eMIS is planning to set up a testing, development and competence centre, in order to have around 8,500 electrified service buses tested and certified by 2030.

You can invest in the eMIS Deutschland testing and competence centre via the crowdfunding platform ‘bettervest’.

The investment sum required by the investors for this competence centre is EUR 990,000, and yields an annual interest rate of 5% for the lifespan of the loan.

You can download a brief guide (in german) to the loan here.

There’s also more information at

Erste Impact Anleihe auf | 5% p.a. | 5 Jahre | ab 500 €

You can also participate in the project via Fairzinsung – the online platform for responsible investors.

Your investment will support a highly innovative, sustainable project that cleverly combines the two important sectors of energy and transport and gives a strong boost to the energy transition. Be part of it!

For downloading: Please take note of the important information regarding the loan scheme in the documents Information sheet on bonds and Terms and conditions of loan   (in german language).